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About Me


  Cinematographer based in Paris, I work in the areas of fiction, clips, publicity, and documentaries.


  Early on in my youth, I was fascinated by sketching and painting. Thus, when the time came, I attented the Beaux-Arts of Versailles. There, I quickly turned my attention toward photography, getting the basics down by working with a pinhole camera. From the start, then, I studied the elements of composition and lighting, with a constant interest in the esthetics of this medium.


  Later, I underwent training in the image department of a film school. After a few internships at camera rentals or as an electrician on set, I quite rapidly found work as an assistant camera. In this capacity, I have been able to work with directors such as Agnieska Holland, Völker Schlondörff, Whit Stillman, Agnès Jaoui, Rémi Bezançon... 


  I’ve also had occasion to work as director of photography, in tandem with my activity as assistant camera. Currently, I’m a member of a collective of film-makers, Studio Lambda, which gives me the opportunity to work as cinematogapher or director.

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